Radio Imaging

Station imaging is our main focus and many of the biggest stations in Ireland and across the world are our clients. We know what works, whether your format is CHR, Classic Hits or somewhere in between, We have our tools and experience to make it work.

Station Imaging

Imaging is a fundamental part of a successful radio station; it is effectively the glue that holds the on air sound together. If you are unsure of how to image your station, don’t worry. We can guide you on how best to connect with your target audience

Radio Commercials

We have a team of creatives ready to look after your every need from scripting to voicing to producing your award winning commercial. We work closely with local and national brands on creating very successful campaigns.

Show Production

Syndicated and specialist programming is becoming more frequent in today’s radio landscape. These shows need big production values and we have the tools to make these shows stand out on a crowded dial.It was popularised in the 1960s.

I'm Paul Duffy

Paul Duffy, multi award winning imaging producer, heads up Zer0dB media. A Dublin based audio production company creating innovative award winning imaging for radio stations across Ireland and beyond. With the best producers, composers and script writers in the industry, Zer0dB media will look after your every audio branding need.

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